Solomon Center and ISP Cohost Health Law and Technology Conference

Iterex CEO Sumanth Swaminathan participated as a panellist in the recent interdisciplinary roundtable, co-hosted by the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School and the Information Society Project exploring “The Law and Policy of AI, Robotics, and Telemedicine in Health Care.”

The conference brought together 30 leading academics, lawyers, physicians, policy makers, and health technology entrepreneurs to explore how novel technologies are revolutionizing health care, reshaping what it means to practice medicine, challenging existing regulatory schemes, and informing norms about patient information, data, and privacy. The event attracted an audience of more than 150 guests and featured five panel discussions.

β€œThe expanding use of these novel technologies implicates every aspect of health law β€” from medical malpractice and the doctor-patient relationship, to informed consent, to FDA law, to health justice,” said Professor Abbe R. Gluck β€˜00, Solomon Center Faculty Director.